Here at Jodi’s Pet Styles we provide the necessary Grooming skills and Supportive Health Care services for the betterment of your Pets.

Dog Grooming

Unhealthy skin and coat can lead to a wide array of health issues. Proper Grooming techniques allows your best friend to remain healthy, beautiful, and true to their breed. Wellness is Key!

Cat Grooming

A clean cat is a happy cat, and we're hee to provide them the look to go along with their attitude. From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance, especially with Long Haired breeds can go a long way.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are not just another grooming shop.  
Our holistic approach to grooming is what makes us stand out from the rest; our mission is to consider the overall wellness of your pet.


We understand that our furry friends are well-loved and undoubtedly treated as a member of your family, and we want them to be a part of ours.  Furthermore, we want them to be happy and live a long, healthy life.

Their longevity is dependent upon regular Vet checkups, up-to-date vaccinations, their diet, and most importantly: Maintaining a regular grooming schedule.  Unhealthy skin and coat can lead to a wide array of health issues; therefore, we recommend keeping a grooming schedule of 4, 6, or 8 weeks (depending on the type of coat and breed).

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For a Groom your Pet can appreciate.

Keeping a regular grooming schedule is not only a preventative measure, but it also allows us to truly get to know and love your pet (their quirks and all!).

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