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About Us

About Jodi: The Pet Stylist


Jodi has been in the pet grooming industry for 13 years. She started out as a kennel technician at a pet boarding/day care/grooming facility in San Diego, CA.  Due to her nature to seek new challenges, she moved up the ranks to become a bather, and then eventually a groomer.  She was taught by a Master Groomer who had 25 years of experience and who was generous enough to share her knowledge and skills.  With Jodi’s willingness to learn, her attention to detail, and her natural artistic talent, she excelled in the field of grooming.  After moving to Buffalo, NY, she was nominated two years in a row for “Best of Buffalo” in the category of best groomer, and won the title in the second year while working at a boarding and grooming facility at Fetch n’ Catch!  

In addition to her grooming career, she also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (graduated Summa Cum Laude) as well as a diploma in Web Design.  

Jodi’s remarkable patience, compassion, and unmatched skills have given her the ability to accept challenges most groomers reject.  She has been known to tame many pets who have been “kicked out” of other grooming salons due to their rough temperaments, anxiety, and other conditions.  She understands that each pet is unique with his or her own quirks; therefore, she works with them rather than going against their nature.